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Wenakeening Woods | Poitras and Daniels | Frank A. Rees | Town Forest | Rocky Woods | Audubon Property
Walking Trails of Holliston

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This site contains all the major walking trails of Holliston with printable trail maps.

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Many of the walking trails in Holliston are not
well known.  This website has been put
together to help anyone looking for a new
place to walk, run or hike.  Included
on each trail's page is a detailed description
of where the trail is located, the difficulty, and
what activities can be done on the trails.
A trail map of each trail is included in the
website and can be printed off and brought
along on your journey. I hope that this
website will be used so everyone can
enjoy walking in Holliston's trails.


The trails that are included in this website are located in the colored areas. Click on the links below the map or at the top of the page to go to the pages for the trails.


1 Wenakeening Woods             
2 Poitras and Daniels
3 Frank A. Rees
4 Town Forest                 
5 Rocky Woods                            
6 Aududon Property

Town of Holliston Website

Created by: Amy Grunbeck for her Girl Scout Gold Award Project